As a not-for-profit organization, driven by outcomes and a desire to reinvest in program services, Spectrum offers many distinct advantages:

  • Forty-nine years of experience in addiction treatment.
  • Forty-nine years serving criminal offenders in the community and 24 years providing prison-based programming.
  • Strong senior management team with more than 235 years combined experience in addiction treatment and correctional programming.
  • Programming which meets or exceeds standards set by CARF International.
  • History of full compliance with all American Correctional Association (ACA) audits.
  • Evidence-based, field-tested cognitive-behavioral curricula and treatment methods.
  • Reputation for highly qualified, well-trained and motivated staff.
  • Successful employee recruitment and retention programs. Across the company, Spectrum’s employee turnover averages less than 4% per year—a notable accomplishment in the field.
  • History of strong and productive working partnerships with correctional personnel.
  • Strong corporate infrastructure providing ongoing support to program operations.
  • Demonstrated success in obtaining federal grant awards in partnership with state correctional agencies to enhance existing service delivery.
  • Ongoing process of systems improvement that incorporates input from clients, family members and partner organizations.
  • Comprehensive performance measurement, data collection and reporting systems.
  • Demonstrated outcomes (e.g., less disciplinary reports, reduced recidivism, etc.) among program graduates.
  • Exceptional client, staff and stakeholder satisfaction survey results.
  • Internationally recognized Advisory Board of subject matter experts.
  • Published articles in a number of profession journals.
  • Fiscally sound and financially responsible operations.
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