Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. was recently awarded two contracts in Maine. In August, Spectrum was selected by the Maine Department of Corrections to operate an assessment and reentry case management program to prepare male and female inmates at the Maine Correctional Center for successful reintegration upon release.

In addition, Spectrum was re-awarded a contract by the Maine Department of Corrections to deliver residential substance abuse treatment and outpatient services to male offenders at three state facilities. Spectrum’s programming focuses on recovery, relapse prevention and transition issues with added emphasis on criminal attitudes and behaviors. A recent study of offenders released since 2006, conducted by the University of Southern Maine, Muskee School of Public Service found that inmates completing Spectrum’s residential substance abuse treatment program were 50% less likely to return to prison than offenders from the general population.

“We have a very positive working relationship with the Maine Department of Corrections and look forward to enhancing our continuum of services in the state,” said Peter Paolantonio, executive vice president of clinical services. Spectrum has worked with the Department since 2003 when it was awarded its first contract in the state of Maine.

Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit substance abuse treatment and mental health service organization with corporate headquarters in Worcester, Massachusetts. The company currently operates more than 110 treatment programs in community and institutional settings throughout Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Georgia, Tennessee, Iowa and Washington State.

Andrew Strecker, Development Associate 
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